Dr Sketchy’s gets Asstastic with Miss Jane

Like Kurt Vonnegut said “practising an art, no matter how well or how badly is a way to make your soul grow”.

So let’s grow!

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Dr Sketchy’s believes in drawing.  The phrase ‘I can’t draw’ should be thrown out as much as “I can’t sing” and “I can’t dance”.  Drawing is fun, creating is fun.  

And as Mel announced last month, Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne has only 3 SESSIONS LEFT EVER!

Dr Sketchy’s is unquestionably the world’s premier alternative drawing movement, the idea based on turning our cities finest and fearsome performers and entertainers into the courtesians and muses that filled the world of Toulouse-Lautrec, Klimt, Schiele and more. 

As Mel announced at last months session, DR SKETCHY”S MELBOURNE WILL BE CLOSING IN THREE MONTHS!
The count down is on and Mel is being utterly indulgent and requesting her nearest and dearest hit the stage.

SUNDAY APRIL 26 prepare for the smack down.  This month we bring ass ass ass.

MISS JANE is all ASSITUDE. A beast of a babe and epic in every way, with passion for reggaeton, samba, bellydance, and gogo that is embedded in her fierce burlesque performances and don’t forget one giant serving of cheek (not just butt cheeks!)

SUNDAY APRIL 26 – 4-6pm doors open 3.30
Book tickets via http://tickets.thetoffintown.com/event

Dr Sketchy’s is wildly inclusive – young and old, those who have drawn before, and those who have never picked up a penci.  You don’t need to be good at art to get something out of Dr Sketchy’s we want people to draw, and to gather together to draw, in the same way that they gather together to sing. Come watch an exotic performance, be inspired by what Melbourne has just beneath it’s surface and sketch your heart away.  

Harxest Mag describes the event as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art,
beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times”. 

Don’t forget your sketch pad and pencils!

W: drsketchymelbourne.com
E: hello@drsketchymelbourne.com

F: www.facebook.com/groups/7707942862/
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne
F: www.facebook.com/groups/7707942862/
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne

The dancing dervish comes to Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne

This month Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne is blasting through the stratosphere with a session jam packed with talent.

Y’all may have heard of a little Variety show touring round called The World Famous Burlesque Hour? And by little I mean HUGE and by touring round I mean ROUND THE WORLD.

Otherwise known as The World’s Most Provocative Variety Show!

The Burlesque Hour has won GREEN ROOM, DANCE AUSTRALIA, SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY, INPRESS & THE ONCE IN A LIFETIME GREENROOM CONTRIBUTION TO CABARET AWARD. As well 2 HELPMANN AWARDS nominations, this goup of electrified performers have it inthe bag.

Holly Durant. Dances like a Dervish. Sings Like a Wild Bird. Yes, the Parisienne dance siren & songbird HOLLY DURANT joins us direct from standing ovations across five continents, with ears still ringing from 10,000 screaming Brazilians in Sao Paulo and a sell-out season at Perth FringWorld to our very stage at The Toff in Town Sunday March 29th.

Here’s some footage to feast your eyes on which features Holly Durant and the incredible cast of The World Famous Burlesque Hour.


Don’t forget your sketch pad and pencils!

TICKETS AT https://tickets.thetoffintown.com/event/view/w9js4gn6k

W: drsketchymelbourne.com
E: hello@drsketchymelbourne.com
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne


We made another video!

We made another video!

For y’all that haven’t been, this is our second video so you can see what happens inside of the walls of The Toff In Town during our sessions…. FUN!

We’d love you to watch and share. Help us squash the phrase “I can’t draw” as much as “I can’t dance” and “I can’t sing”.

Let’s draw!

See you SUNDAY FEBRUARY 22 at The Toff in Town for our 2015 season launch!

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Dr Sketchy’s 2015 season launch with Honey B Goode

Dearest art monkeys,

I hope 2015 is already brimming with potential and success, we here at Dr Sketchy’s are as passionate as ever to reignite or just keep on stokin’ your creative fires.

We believe in drawing, we believe that just because we grew up doesn’t mean we should stop having fun with pencils and paper as often as possible.

I bet some of you sit in front of a piano, or even pick up a guitar, ukelele or even a recorder sometimes. Me, I play the triangle. How bout just picking up a pencil and making a picture though?
Drawing helps us to think, feel good and have fun. It can be tough to sit alone and think up something to just draw (excluding your day job doodling!) so Dr Sketchy’s works at bringing together the wonderful talent that our great city has to put them smack in front of you – you’re very own Monthly Melbourne Muses!

I’m very excited to announce that our muse to herald the start of our 2015 season is the hilarious heartbreaker, Honey B Goode.

It’s our 2015 season launch!

We’re back and fired up to bring you the very loveliest, funniest, charming and most talented performers Melbourne’s shiney dirty underground has to offer. We blast into 2015 with the hilarious heartbreaker, Honey B. Goode.

Known as the queen of quirk, Honey has forged a reputation as an original, charismatic and surprising performer. Synthesising her training in modern and classical dance, physical theatre and the dramatic arts, this chameleon-like ecdysiast delights in pushing the boundaries of burlesque. With performances ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, this dazzling dame only asks that you expect the unexpected.


Be good, and if you can’t be good
Be good at being bad like
Every girl should, honey be good

WHEN: Sunday 22 February

WHERE: The Toff in Town lvl 2 Curtain House, 252 Swanston St

DOORS OPEN: 3.30pm SESSION 4-6pm

TICKETS: $18 via http://www.thetoffintown.com and available on the door

Bring your sketch pad and pencils!


Ever wondered what happens inside Dr Sketchy’s?

Gorgeous Art Monkeys!

We have something VERY SPECIAL!!!

I’m very excited to share a new project we’re working on. Creating videos of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Melbourne so peoples can see all the fun and art making that happens.

60 seconds of goodness. Please  share and spread the good word!!

This is from our recent Halloween session with Betty Blood and of course all you very good looking people!

Join us for our 2014 Finale with Porcelain Alice on SUNDAY DECEMBER 7!


2014 finale!!

Our 2014 season finale pays homage to the glory of the female body.

Pygmalion carved his perfect female in ivory and called her Galatea, here in 2014 Galatea exists in the form of this month’s muse, Porcelain Alice. Inspired by Art Deco aesthetics Porcelain Alice intoxicates her audience muddling modern liberties with classic showgirl imagery leaving those in her midst longing for the romance of times past.


A gypsy at heart, Alice exudes an elegant yet provocative sexuality. Blending her showgirl looks with rockstar attitude, enchanting audiences across the East Coast. Join us for a session of filled with shadows, beauty and romance with the usual dose of cheeky fun.
More: https://vimeo.com/76321081
More: www.facebook.com/porcelainalice

See you SUNDAY DECEMBER 7 at The Toff in Town!

TICKETS AT https://tickets.thetoffintown.com/event/view/fbrdk4tg6

Harxest Mag describes the event as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art,
beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times”.

Don’t forget your sketch pad and pencils!

W: drsketchymelbourne.com
E: hello@drsketchymelbourne.com
F: www.facebook.com/groups/7707942862/
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne


Ghoulish Grindhouse & Scary Sketching with Betty Blood

This October we celebrate all things ghoulish, ghastly and spooky with a devil of a dame who just wants to grind the night away in the disco… no,wait!  Grind the night away in the GRAVEYARD!

Betty Blood returns to Dr Sketchy’s after 4 years away giving her plenty of time to rot and fester and become the ultimate in horrific hotness.  Betty’s style of bizarre neo-burlesque blends brazen sensuality with upbeat theatricality and lashings of black comedy, grindhouse sleaze and gogo energy.

When Betty isn’t equal parts scarying you out of your skin and splitting your sides with laughs she is one third of the B-grade, A-cupped go-go force- Itty Bitty Titty Committee!!

They’re hip, they’re flat, and they think they’re all that. These bra-burning bombshells are a go-go force to be reckoned with.  B-grade, A-cupped and leading the backlash against the big boob trend!

Come celebrate the most kooky and kitsch parts of Halloween with loads of fake blood, plastic spiders and a whole bunch of drawing!

doors open 3.30
Session 4.oo – 6.oopm
The Toff in Town
Lvl 2, 252 Curtain House
Swanston Street

TICKETS – http://www.thetoffintown.com