2008 Season Finale at Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne!

With the very sad news of Lola LaBelle returning to LA early we are most honoured and pleased to welcome Miss Jessy Dee to our stage.  Our thoughts and warm wishes are with Lola.

Miss Jessy Dee, one half of Australia’s art burlesque duo, The V Dentatas will the fill the stage next week with her opulence and style.

Renowned for subverting the traditional burlesque genre, Miss Jessy Dee will rock ‘n’ roll, bump ‘n’ grind, jazz dance, even throwing cake (Marie Antoinette style of course), as long as it’s decadent, as long as it’s ridiculous, and as long as it’s funny!  Beware the woman with vulva dentata…

Not only a burlesque performer with The V Dentatas but mastermind of events such as Baron’s Bourgeois Burlesque Bonanza at The Espy, costume designer extraordinaire and occasional addition to the most glamorous troupe around, HiBall Burlesque, Miss Jessy Dee is sure to bring the tease to our 2008 Finale!

See you there for a big send off to 2008!

When: Wednesday 26 November 8pm
Where: The Butterfly Club 204 Bank Street South Melbourne
$15 a seat
with Miss Jessy Dee performance and Dr Sketchy Melbourne 2008 finale!

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