Melbourne to go to Sketchy HQ for the2nd International SketchyCon!

Help fund SketchyCon 2010 – watch the video for the low down from Dr Sketchy Founder, Molly Crabapple.

A word from Molly about the project:

‘m the founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. During college, I worked as an artists model. I dreamed of a drawing club that would celebrate the model as a muse, and, in 2005, with the help of a few friends, we held the first Dr. Sketchy’s in a Brooklyn dive bar.

Since then, Dr. Sketchy’s has spread to over a hundred cities around the world. From Paris to Tokyo to Tasmania, artists gather to sketch models in an atmosphere of boozy conviviality. We’ve been profiled by the New York Times, inspired thousands of drawings, and changed the way life drawing is done.

On May 1-2, 2010, we’ll be holding our second ever SketchyCon. SketchyCon is a conferance just for Dr. Sketchy’s organizers, where they meet, share skills, and learn techniques to rock the art scenes in their cities. At our first SketchyCon in 2009, we were joined by dozens of organizers around the world, and 2010 promises to be even bigger.

But, we need your help. SketchyCon is expensive, and, it can’t be covered by ticket costs alone. Some of our expenses are:

*Paying a crew of setdressers, videographers, photographers and models

*Renting a conference room in uber pricey New York City

*Flying the founder of the first Dr. Sketchy’s branch in from Melbourne (this is 2K alone)

*Livestreaming lectures for Dr. Sketchy’s leaders from Chile to Taiwan who can’t afford to be there in person.

Whether you love Dr. Sketchy’s, or just support alternative, accessible art, helping fund SketchyCon is a great investment.

Dr. Sketchy’s has been a boon to the art scene since its inception, providing promoting creativity and community in every city that runs one. It provides a space for artists to draw and helps the flourishing alternative scenes that includes phenomenal models such as burlesque performers, roller derby girls, contortionists, pinups, fetish models and other unique muses that might otherwise be inaccessible to the lone artist. It brings together students, amateurs and professionals into one space to socialize and create together. Supporting Dr. Sketchy’s means supporting the greater artistic community in your city and around the globe.

But that’s not all – Dr. Sketchy’s spreads virally, so, by helping a Dr. Sketchy’s in Tennessee learn new skills, you might very well help spark a Dr. Sketchy’s in Timbuktoo. Currently, 3,500 people attend Dr. Sketchy’s every month and as new branches are created, we are able to reach out to more members of the visual arts communities in order to bring them together and give them a place to thrive. SketchyCon is the best way to make this happen.


Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from organizers who attended SketchyCon in 2009:

“Since SketchyCon, the Portland, Maine branch has doubled its attendee numbers. We learned promotional skills from other branches that have been invaluable to making our branch the talk of the city! Now, there’s standing room only, and models are contacting us to be showcased.” – Katie Diamond. Dr. Sketchy’s Maine.

Attending SketchyCon was the single biggest and best investment we could have ever made for our branch. The networking and skill sharing that went on over that weekend was priceless. We came home with renewed energy, great promotional and marketing ideas and best of all a sense of connection with all of the other branch producers.

-Nichole “Lolly” & Larry Lehmann
Dr Sketchys Anti-Art School -Nashville

Sketchycon was the inspiration that helped us bring our branch to the next level. Our events are now bigger, better and hotter than ever! Thanks for this fab opportunity.

-Georgiana Elias
Headmistress, Dr. Sketchy’s Montréal

The most inspiring aspect of SketchyCon was the simple fact that yes, we are all running the same concept in each of our respective cities. But how educational and inspiring to see how each branch handled their own sessions and how there was such a distinct feel to each branch that it was amazing to step back and see that.

Director, Dr. Sketchy’s South Jersey

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