CASUS – knee deep at Sketchy’s in The Famous Spiegeltent

This Saturday we return to The Famous Spiegeltent with the stars of Knee Deep – CASUS, circus from the heart, astonishing skills and exquisite beauty from four performers at the top of their game.

Casus bring the humanity into circus through a breathtaking and fragile display of skills staged at The Famous Spiegeltent.

Casus is Australia’s hottest new circus company featuring artists who have performed with CIRCA, Polytoxic, Legs on the Wall and Briefs Collective. Their debut work Knee Deep is an inventive blend of circus and modern media using traditional and contemporary circus techniques. Through this work, the five performers explore the limitations of strength and fragility, journeying Knee Deep through moments of raw discovery, fleeting relationships and unexpected bonds. Casus gives new purpose and meaning to objects that are seemingly inanimate.

Built in 1920 The Famous Spiegeltent magic mirrors have reflected thousands of images of artists, audiences and exotic gatherings. She is a star in her own right, hosting parties, concerts, clubs and a myriad of stunning performances, launching the careers of countless artists traveling the world.

When else will you be able to say you’ve sketched a stunning performance artist holding still for you in the same space where Marlene Dietrich sang Falling In Love Again in the 1930s. Exactely. You will never say get to say that unless you book yourself a ticket – do it here!



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