This August we play nurse with Lola Ramone

Let’s go back in time to 12 months ago, August 2103.  NASA sent a message alerting us that a SPACE BABE was on her way.  And that she was real dirty.  Dr Sketchy’s got on the space phone to call and ask if she’d like to bath in front of a bunch of artists.  That’s what we do hear on Earth.

And so, Lola Ramone landed at The Toff in Town for her radioactive scrub right before our eyes while we rendered her in pencil.

Lola has since stayed here on Earth, Melbourne infact and has been working in….. health care?

This month we bring you Anti-Art that will tear out your heart.  Literally.

Lola plays nurse and where are the vitcims…  I mean patients.  Yes, we are the patients.
With a nod to The Twilight Zone and the creepy sterile hallways of hospitals of the 50’s Lola is a nurse gone wayward.  Watch her come undone (and undress) to reveal the most glamourous gore to hit the Dr Sketchy stage.

Lola Ramone is a Melbourne based performer who has carried her love of the brashness and beauty of Americana and the Atomic Age into a brand of burlesque that is at once gaudy, gorgeous and playfully perverse.  Inspired by grit and glamour of eras gone by Lola mixes the lowbrow with the high class  to create acts that are humorous, sexy and a little out of
this world.

The world’s premier alternative drawing movement. Whether you’re an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchy’s is the perfect place to get your fill of drawing fun. Come sketch glamorous underground performers,  listen to good tunes, drink great cocktails and get creative.

Who said drawing can’t be sexy, you’ve seen Titanic haven’t you?

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement.  Founded in 2005 by New York illustrator Molly Crabapple, Dr.Sketchy’s went viral after local tattooist Melanie Knight made plans with Molly from her apartment in New York to bring Dr. Sketchy’s to Melbourne, appearing on the last Sunday of every month at The Toff in Town. There are now over 150 branches in cities around the globe with Melbourne the longest runninng session.

Harxest Mag describes the event as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art,
beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times”.

Don’t forget your sketch pad and pencils!

I: @DrSketchyMelbourne

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