Ghoulish Grindhouse & Scary Sketching with Betty Blood

This October we celebrate all things ghoulish, ghastly and spooky with a devil of a dame who just wants to grind the night away in the disco… no,wait!  Grind the night away in the GRAVEYARD!

Betty Blood returns to Dr Sketchy’s after 4 years away giving her plenty of time to rot and fester and become the ultimate in horrific hotness.  Betty’s style of bizarre neo-burlesque blends brazen sensuality with upbeat theatricality and lashings of black comedy, grindhouse sleaze and gogo energy.

When Betty isn’t equal parts scarying you out of your skin and splitting your sides with laughs she is one third of the B-grade, A-cupped go-go force- Itty Bitty Titty Committee!!

They’re hip, they’re flat, and they think they’re all that. These bra-burning bombshells are a go-go force to be reckoned with.  B-grade, A-cupped and leading the backlash against the big boob trend!

Come celebrate the most kooky and kitsch parts of Halloween with loads of fake blood, plastic spiders and a whole bunch of drawing!

doors open 3.30
Session 4.oo – 6.oopm
The Toff in Town
Lvl 2, 252 Curtain House
Swanston Street


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