Dr Sketchy’s gets Asstastic with Miss Jane

Like Kurt Vonnegut said “practising an art, no matter how well or how badly is a way to make your soul grow”.

So let’s grow!

crebit Matchless Snapshots

Dr Sketchy’s believes in drawing.  The phrase ‘I can’t draw’ should be thrown out as much as “I can’t sing” and “I can’t dance”.  Drawing is fun, creating is fun.  

And as Mel announced last month, Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne has only 3 SESSIONS LEFT EVER!

Dr Sketchy’s is unquestionably the world’s premier alternative drawing movement, the idea based on turning our cities finest and fearsome performers and entertainers into the courtesians and muses that filled the world of Toulouse-Lautrec, Klimt, Schiele and more. 

As Mel announced at last months session, DR SKETCHY”S MELBOURNE WILL BE CLOSING IN THREE MONTHS!
The count down is on and Mel is being utterly indulgent and requesting her nearest and dearest hit the stage.

SUNDAY APRIL 26 prepare for the smack down.  This month we bring ass ass ass.

MISS JANE is all ASSITUDE. A beast of a babe and epic in every way, with passion for reggaeton, samba, bellydance, and gogo that is embedded in her fierce burlesque performances and don’t forget one giant serving of cheek (not just butt cheeks!)

SUNDAY APRIL 26 – 4-6pm doors open 3.30
Book tickets via http://tickets.thetoffintown.com/event

Dr Sketchy’s is wildly inclusive – young and old, those who have drawn before, and those who have never picked up a penci.  You don’t need to be good at art to get something out of Dr Sketchy’s we want people to draw, and to gather together to draw, in the same way that they gather together to sing. Come watch an exotic performance, be inspired by what Melbourne has just beneath it’s surface and sketch your heart away.  

Harxest Mag describes the event as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art,
beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times”. 

Don’t forget your sketch pad and pencils!

W: drsketchymelbourne.com
E: hello@drsketchymelbourne.com

F: www.facebook.com/groups/7707942862/
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne
F: www.facebook.com/groups/7707942862/
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne

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