Ever wondered what happens inside Dr Sketchy’s?

Gorgeous Art Monkeys!

We have something VERY SPECIAL!!!

I’m very excited to share a new project we’re working on. Creating videos of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Melbourne so peoples can see all the fun and art making that happens.

60 seconds of goodness. Please  share and spread the good word!!

This is from our recent Halloween session with Betty Blood and of course all you very good looking people!

Join us for our 2014 Finale with Porcelain Alice on SUNDAY DECEMBER 7!

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School and the sideshow scallywag..

I remember when I turned 8, there were balloons, pin the tail on the donkey and jelly-filled orange wedges. I wondered how I could top something as awesome as that birthday party for Dr Sketchy’s 8th birthday..

I think we did! A giant blackboard, blindfolding and spinning people till they fell over (sorry Harrison Chua!), cupcakes and cocktail giveaways, and a gorgeous guest of honor, Tanzer who serenaded and posed for us all afternoon.
Thank you to all who came to party, continue to share your sketches here and over at Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Melbourne

And now! We get ready to announce our next session on SUNDAY JULY 27th!

Be prepared to wiggle and squirm as Little Laa Laa the tap-dancing clown and side-show scallywag brings her curious talents to the Dr Sketchy stage.

Little Laa Laa is a red-headed ragamuffin who serves up a perplexing platter indeed. Blending acts of absurdity with feats of death-defying lunacy,  mind-boggling buffoonery and a wee little splash of salacious scalwaggery. You will squeal and squirm as this mischievous little mime
and her delightfully dark, vaudevillian antics play out in front of your very eyes.

Little Laa Laa is tap-dancing clown and side-show scallywag, Gemma Lark.  Born the bastard son of an alchemist and spent the first 10 years of her life surviving on a diet of split peas and cigarettes.  At the age of 14 she was married to a travelling salesman who kept her in the glove box of his 1967 Ford Falcon, though when she failed to produce him with an heir he sold her to a troupe of wandering minstrels for the price of four bags of oats and an arthritic goat. She considered this to be a reasonable exchange.By the age of 16 Lark had developed a nervous twitch, a whiskey dependency and an impressive collection of facial scars. By 20 she had lost touch with reality entirely and by 25 she was shamelessly lying in her biographies.

Harxest Mag describes the event as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art, beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times”.

Don’t forget your sketch pad and pencils!

WHEN Sunday 27 July
Doors open 3.30pm Session 4-6pm
WHERE The Toff in Town 5/252 Swanston St (Curtain House)
TICKETS $18.00 http://www.thetoffintown.con and on the door

W: drsketchymelbourne.com
E: hello@drsketchymelbourne.com
F: http://www.facebook.com/groups/7707942862/
I: @DrSketchyMelbourne

Super vixen Stella Angelico launches 2014!

On Sunday 12th January we launch our 2014 season at The Toff in Town with female powerhouse, the sophisticated, seductive, siren of soul.. Stella Angelico.

‘Femininity… in full-throttle.’
theauureview.com.au, June 2013

Stella Angelico sings because she must, her voice and violent hip-shaking performance is an explosion of the untamed feminine. The daughter of cult cabaret darling Peaches La Crème and internationally renowned magician Sam Angelico, the world of music and performance course through Stella’s veins.

Stella was born for the spotlight, this woman is the main event. Join us as Stella ignites our inner muse with her raunchy dips, swivelling hips and rips Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School into 2014.

‘Inescapably seductive’
theaureview.com.au, June 2013

See a whole lot more of Stella here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stella-Angelico/186949314699884

Harzest Mag describes Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art, beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times”.

WHEN: Sunday 12 January
TIME: Doors 3.30 Session 4 – 6pm
WHERE: The Toff In Town Swanston St
TICKETS: on the door or via The Toff $18.00

Bring your sketch pads and materials!

Happy New Year!

Meow…. More like Roar! with Glamour Puss L’amour

Dr Sketchy’s brings you the purrrfect sex kitten for your sketching pleasures this month.

A tantalising blend of old time glamour puss with 60’s sex kitten please welcome the pelvis thrusting, hip shaking, bump and grind of traditional tease, Melbourne’s Lady Provocateur, L’amour!

L’amour brings a wealth of experience and variety to the stage.  A seasoned performance artist spanning vaudeville and contortaion through to the most risqué of pole routines and all that shimmers and shimmeys in between.  A natural talent for blending the naughty with nice, this femme fatale will trap you with her feline charms.

After a recent hiatus L’amour has exploded back onto the East Coast scene performing most recently at the Australian Burlesque festival.

Be prepared for a lot of glitter, a lot of hair, and a lot of skin.  Get ready for L’amour…

DJ The Knave spins the tunes to keep things funky throughout the evening and of course, The Toff has one of Melbourne best stocked bars to keep your creative spirits well lubricated!

When: Sunday June 24
Doors open 4.00pm Session runs 4.30 to 6.30pm

Where: The Toff in Town
Curtain House 2/252 Swanston St Melbourne

Bookings: $18 at the door, or pre book at Moshtix phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849) online www.moshtix.com.au or Moshtix outlets including Polyester (Fitzroy & City)
(Please bring your own sketchpad and art materials)

Contact: hello@drsketchymelbourne.com

The Famous Spiegeltent returns to Melbourne, with Dr Sketchy’s in it!

Dr. Sketchy’s Melbourne launches its 2012 season in the most beautiful of cabaret venues.
Join us for a very special Dr. Sketchy session in The Famous Spiegeltent.

Indulge in some cheeky rendering of  the Spiegeltent’s visiting performers where you’ll also be treated to a performance.  DJ Knave Knixx will be spinning an infectious blend of nostalgic tunes with a boogie woogie flavour, that will have you toe-tappin’ while you sketch.

A more perfect venue could not exist for Dr Sketchy’s.  We are thrilled to be a part of such a historic venue where some of the world’s greatest artists, bohemians, freaks, talents and legends have sung, danced, drank and laughed….

And now, a brief history….

The Famous Spiegeltent was built in 1920. Since Marlene Dietrich sang Falling In Love Again in the 1930s, her magic mirrors have reflected thousands of images of artists, audiences and exotic gatherings. She is a star in her own right, hosting parties, concerts, clubs and a myriad of stunning performances, launching the careers of countless artists travelling the world.

So ignite your creative spirit by coming out to this special session!  

Date & Time

Monday 13 February 2012, 7pm -9pm
120 min
$25 Includes a glass of sparkling wine
Advisable to bring your own drawing materials and paper

Book online – the Arts Centre

By phone: 1300 182 183 9am – 9pm, Monday to Saturday

At the box office:
The Box Office is located in Theatres Building (under the spire), Level 5, in the Smorgon Family Plaza.
It is open from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday.

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